studio and workshop

One of the unique aspects of Yaniv Fine Jewelry is the studio and workshop on Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv, where our beautiful jewelry is created.
Yaniv Fine Jewelry's studio and workshop focus in parallel on three different facets of the jewelry creation process: design, crafting and stone setting. These three facets operate in unison and full collaboration, ensuring that the manufacturing of the jewelry pieces is of the highest quality.
In the workshop you'll find jewelry making tools that have been in use since ancient times, alongside new and innovative work technologies that enable us to produce complex designs and high quality finishes. Use of advanced technologies allows us to create quality jewelry at reasonable prices, jewelry that previously would only have been accessible to wealthy consumers. Use of traditional work tools alongside new tools is one of the secrets of the jewelries' distinctive charm.
The studio and workshop of Yaniv Fine Jewelry operate as a closed system, including all the means, equipment and tools required to create jewelry, from concept to finished product.




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