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Platinum, like gold, is a noble metal. A noble metal is one that does not undergo processes of oxidation and corrosion, is very resilient and does not rust, making it the optimal metal for jewelry making. Noble metals are rarer because they can only be found in the earth's crust, and therefore they are also more expensive.

Platinum is a very rare metal. It is flexible and much harder to manipulate than gold, making it more distinctive and luxurious. Its melting temperature is higher than 1700°, and it requires high-quality, professional craftsmanship. One of the advantages of the Yaniv Fine Jewelry workshop is the ability to fuse and work with platinum.

The white colors, as well as the pleasant and light sensation of the metal on the hand, are responsible for platinum jewelry's reputation as prestigious and of high-quality. The white shade remains bright and glossy even after years of wear and tear. Also, because this is a pure, noble metal, one cannot develop an allergic reaction to it.

Yaniv Fine Jewelry offers unique collections of engagement rings, wedding rings and platinum diamond rings in stunning and unique designs.




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