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Gold is one of the first metals used by humans, dating back to 2600 BC. Since ancient times people have decorated themselves with gold: in the Jewish Holy Temple the High Priest's breastplate was made of gold brocade; in ancient Greece gold medals were awarded to the most talented athletes and from time immemorial gold jewelry has been considered the peak of luxury and prestige. Gold has always been a symbol of power, prestige, courage and strength.

Gold is a noble metal. A noble metal is one that does not undergo processes of oxidation and corrosion, is very resilient and does not rust, making it the optimal metal for jewelry making. Noble metals are rarer because they can only be found in the earth's crust, and therefore they are also more expensive.

What is a karat?

Karat is a unit of measure for the purity of a noble metal. Pure gold is 24 karat, but pure gold is too soft and delicate and so cannot be manipulated. In order to be able to use gold for the production of jewelry, various metal alloys are added to the gold.

At Yaniv Fine Jewelry we use mainly 18 karat gold, containing 75% pure gold. The addition 25% is alloys of other high quality metals. 18 karat gold is beautiful, has a deep and high-quality shade, and that is why this is the gold we use to manufacture most of the jewelry at Yaniv Fine Jewelry. We also produce jewelry made of 21 karat and 14 karat gold.




Various shades of gold

Pure gold has a strong yellow color, and the shade of gold in a piece of jewelry is influenced by the 25% of alloys. At Yaniv Fine Jewelry we use special alloys in order to expand the variety of possible shades. At our workshop we manufacture jewelry in a range of different shades of white gold, yellow gold and red gold.


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