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Diamonds are forever
Diamonds are nature's treasures, a gemstone made of the hardest and most brilliant mineral. Its degree of hardness is 10 – the highest of all natural materials. Diamonds are unrivaled as the most prestigious gemstone, and are a symbol of luxury, purity, beauty and durability. Their astounding beauty and strength have, for hundreds of years, made diamonds the traditional and perfect gemstone for engagement rings – as they symbolize the hope of a beautiful and strong marriage that will endure forever and ever.

At Yaniv Fine Jewelry we use only natural diamonds of the highest quality, and not improved or treated diamonds. Diamonds are forever only if they are entirely natural, and only then do they preserve their beauty over time. Shai Yaniv is the owner of Shai Yaniv Diamonds Ltd., a subsidiary of Yaniv Fine Jewelry that is licensed to trade in diamonds. This enables him to buy and sell the most magnificent, rare and unique diamonds and gems at attractive prices.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the most acclaimed, respected and stringent gemological institution in the world assesses diamonds based on four criteria, known as the 4Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut.

Carat – one carat (1 ct) equals 0.2 gram. The term comes from the Greek kerátion meaning carob seed that was used in ancient times to weight gemstones. Less than one carat, the weight of a diamond is measured in points, with 1 point equaling 0.01 ct. In the overall weight of a piece of jewelry, a diamond's weight is negligible, since even a large stone, weighing a carat, weighs only 0.2 gram.

Color – there are two types of diamonds: colored diamonds and white diamonds. Colored diamonds (referred to in professional lingo as fancy color diamonds) are very rare and extremely expensive. White diamonds are more common, and they are as beautiful as colored diamonds. The color of a white diamond is measured by its transparency – the less color the diamond has, the more prestigious it is. There are 23 shares of white diamonds (from totally transparent to yellow), with the three highest colors being D, E, F (the lower the letter, the lower the quality). These three colors are known as collection or colorless, and most of the white diamond jewelries at Yaniv Fine Jewelry are set with diamonds of these types.




Clarity – a diamond is a natural stone made of minerals. A perfect diamond is extremely rare, but small flaws do not detract from the gem's beauty. The diamonds used by Yaniv Fine Jewelry are of the highest levels of clarity.


Cut – this is a score indicating the cut, level of polish, proportions and symmetry of a diamond. The finer the cut, the more sparkling and vivid the diamond is. At Yaniv Fine Jewelry we only use diamonds whose cut quality is superior, since the diamond's beauty depends mainly on the cut's quality.


When purchasing a piece of jewelry with a diamond larger than 0.2 carat points, the customer is given a certificate from an internationally recognized Gemological Institute, such as the American GIA. Some of the diamonds sold by Yaniv Fine Jewelry have a distinctive polish and are known as Fantasies.

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