design and creation of jewelry

Behind every piece of jewelry sold by Yaniv Fine Jewelry – rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets – is a long and complex process during which an idea is transformed into luxurious, high-quality jewelry. Each piece of jewelry by Yaniv Fine Jewelry is manufactured as a one-off piece or in limited editions.

First stage – inspiration:
Every piece of jewelry begins with the glimmer of an idea, with inspiration. At Yaniv Fine Jewelry inspiration is drawn from the Israeli landscape, from Jewish tradition and from the Israeli atmosphere. Inspiration leads to an idea, and the idea kicks off the jewelry design process.

Second stage – design:
After formulating the idea and concept for the piece, Yaniv Fine Jewelry begin the design process with the goal of converting an abstract idea into a solid piece of jewelry. The design process is complex and requires delicate, precise and professional work. A piece is composed of crafting and setting of gems, metals and stones – and each one of these aspects must be perfect in itself and complement that other aspects. The initial design is created using paper and pencil, and involves drawing initial sketches of the piece. After the sketches are prepared, Yaniv Fine Jewelry prepares a 3D image of the piece using innovative and advanced design simulation software. The simulations enable us to see how the piece will look at the end of the manufacturing process.

Third stage – producing the initial model:
The initial model is a prototype of the piece. At Yaniv Fine Jewelry a prototype must comply with severe criteria for beauty, esthetics and quality, otherwise it is rejected. The initial model undergoes many modifications and improvements until the result is perfect. Our prototypes and pieces of jewelry are all composed of several different parts, and it is only when they are joined together that the pieces are complete. This is a complex method that requires great expertise, and results in jewelry that is more delicate, stronger and has a perfect finish.

Fourth stage – crafting and setting:
After completing the initial model, the manufacturing process itself begins. Now the idea is transformed into a real piece of jewelry. The crafting and setting work at Yaniv Fine Jewelry is performed in parallel, according to the model and computer simulations. Most of the jewelry at Yaniv Fine Jewelry is made of 18 karat gold – gold of the finest quality for fashioning jewelry – and set with diamonds and precious, spectacular gemstones.

Fifth stage – finish and stamping of the jewelry:
After the piece is assembled and set, it undergoes several final finishing processes that including cleaning, polishing and more. At the end of this stage, all the jewelry created by Yaniv Fine Jewelry is stamped both with the Yaniv Fine Jewelry stamp and the Israel Standards Institute stamp, confirming the high quality of the gold and the workmanship.




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