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Yaniv Fine Jewelry company was founded in 1982 by Shai Yaniv, a second-generation jeweler. The jewelry sold by Yaniv Fine Jewelry is designed and produced at Yaniv Fine Jewelry's studio and workshop located in Tel Aviv. Since its establishment, the four principles that have served to guide the business are:

Original and distinctive designs 
all the jewelry sold by Yaniv Fine Jewelry is the fruit of original Yaniv Fine Jewelry designs, acclaimed for their originality and appearance that conveys prestige and elegance. The inspirations for the designs are Israel's landscape, Jewish tradition and the atmosphere in Israel, and in Tel Aviv in particular. A lot of thought is invested in each piece, as worthy of a work of art, so it is no wonder that Yaniv Fine Jewelry attracts so much attention.

The finest materials
all the materials used by Yaniv Fine Jewelry are of the finest quality available. Yaniv Fine Jewelry uses gold, pure platinum, diamonds and natural gems only. The diamonds and gems in Yaniv Fine Jewelry are not treated or enhanced, ensuring that their high quality and great beauty will remain true over time.

Uncompromising quality
all of Yaniv Fine Jewelry's pieces are created with great care and attention to detail, and using unique work techniques and advanced technologies. The extensive investment, care and meticulous craftsmanship ensure the highest level of finish.

Blue & White Israeli Jewelry
all of the company's jewelry is manufactured in Israel. The pieces are designed and created in the studio and workshop of Yaniv Fine Jewelry in Tel Aviv. The raw materials are also purchased from Israeli companies.

For over a decade, Yaniv Fine Jewelry has designed and created jewelry for one of Israel's most prestigious chains of jewelry stores. Currently, the company's collections are sold in a brand store in Tel Aviv and in a number of additional luxury stores in Israel and the world.
Yaniv Fine Jewelry company has re-defined perfection and excellence in the field of jewelry. Our commitment to excellence and professionalism has made Yaniv Fine Jewelry one of the most desirable and prestigious jewelry companies in Israel.



Shai Yaniv
Shai Yaniv, the founder, CEO and owner of Yaniv Fine Jewelry, is a second-generation jeweler. Even as a child Shai Yaniv showed an unusual aptitude and creativity, and a talent for working with his hands. After completing his military service, he founded Shai Yaniv Jewelry, and over the years the company has become one of Israel's most prestigious and distinctive jewelry design and manufacturing companies. During this period he also established a studio and workshop for jewelry design and manufacturing, because he considered it very important to manufacture and design the jewelry in-house. This is also one of the business's distinguishing features and the reason for the high quality of the jewelry.
Shai Yaniv is also the owner of the Shai Yaniv Diamonds Ltd. company that is licensed to trade in diamonds. This enables him to buy and sell the most magnificent, rare and unique diamonds and gems at reasonable prices.

Shai Yaniv was born, raised and educated in Tel Aviv, and many of his pieces are inspired and influenced by the life in Tel Aviv and its atmosphere, as well as the beach and shore ambiance.
Shai Yaniv has a degree in Economics from Tel Aviv University, and lives with his wife and four children in their home in Tel Aviv.


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